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Heysham History, Puzzles, Games and Fun


Hear about Heysham
Listen to our sound files and hear people describe what Heysham was like over 60 years ago! Hear about getting water into the bear’s cage at Heysham Head, the explosion at White Lund, and more!
Hear the sound files


Heysham Timeline

Heysham History Time Line
Did you know that Heysham was raided by Scots in 1322, or that the Royal Hotel was over 500 years old?
See these and lots of other interesting facts on our Heysham history time line.
See the Heysham Time Line

Pinky & Perky

Childhood Memories - Heysham Head
Read Kath Gregson’s memories of what Heysham Head was like, with puppet shows, a bear, open-air dances and concert parties. Find out how Pinky and Perky appeared at Heysham before they were on TV.
Download the childhood memories sheet


Viking Game

Vikings Game
Over 1,000 years ago, Viking settlers came to Heysham. They may have come from the Viking Kingdoms in Ireland or the Isle of Man. Find out how they lived and what Viking words we still use today
Sorry Viking Game not currently available


Polly Blacow

Childhood Memories - Polly Blacow
Read Kath Gregson’s memories of Polly Blacow, one of the last people to make a living collecting mussels in Morecambe Bay. Read about how Polly and her horse, Joe would go out into the Bay.
Download the memories of Polly Blacow sheet



The Runic Alphabet
Runes are the earliest letters of the Teutonic alphabet, used especially by Scandinavians and Anglo-Saxons. You can download a sheet that shows you all of the runes used in the runic alphabet.
Download the Runic Alphabet sheet


Young artists
For our young budding artists, we have a picture of the Viking Hogback Stone that you can print out and colour in. The Hogback Stone would have been used to mark the grave of an important Viking.
Download the Hogback Stone Pictures
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Runes Quiz

Runic Puzzles
After you have seen the Runic alphabet, why not have a go at these puzzles? Solve the words written using the Runic alphabet. The answers can be found on a separate sheet.
Download the Runic puzzle sheet  
Download the answer sheet
Sorry, neither currently available