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Woodhouse paintings discovered

And another surprise from USA

A surprise from Canada

Early in 2014  previously unknown paintings by William Woodhouse. resurfaced when their owner got in touch with us from Alberta in Canada. When his grandmother had been in her early twenties at the beginning of the 20th century she lived in Heysham and gave music lessons; William’s children were among her pupils.

It would appear that at some point that in lieu of payment for her services he gave her two of his paintings including this one of Bolton Abbey in Yorkshire which is duly signed and dated on the reverse side. She emigrated to Canada in 1915 taking the paintings with her.

To anyone familiar with his paintings it should be immediately recognizable in style and the presence of animals could be expected.

In late October 2015 we were asked by Robert Snell, Director of Hiro Fine Art in Minneapolis USA, whether we knew anything about this Woodhouse painting which his Gallery had just acquired. He wrote:

We have recently uncovered a wonderful painting by the artist William Woodhouse which came from an important collection in Minnesota. I was hoping  ... you may have (any) information about our picture. It is an oil on canvas that measures 33 cm x 48 cm.

He also requested to be put in touch with Pam Corder-Birch, author of the book on Woodhouse, Accolade to An Artist.

We have not seen this picture before and have requested his permission to reproduce it here. In  Accolade to an Artist Appendix VI Exhibition of Oil Paintings etc by William Woodhouse at Heysham former Council Rooms 1933 there is listed
     Arrival of the Irish Cattle Boat, Morecambe Old Harbour
There are other references elsewhere in the book.’.This seems almost certainly to be the picture shown here. Morecambe Harbour (a wooden jetty which formed the north side of the present Stone Jetty) had only limited access due to tides and was superceded in 1904 by 
Heysham Harbour which could operate at all levels of tide. A detailed history of the operation of Morecambe Harbour can be found on pages pp 24-27 of Captains Wilmott’s diaries  Across the Water.


And one from nearer home

In early 2017 our correspondent David Molesworth writes about this particularly sensitive image of ‘Mare and Foal’(made up title)  ;
‘This painting was originally owned by Dr Greenhalgh of Accrington, passed to his son and then as a gift to Dr Molesworth's (David’s father) family in 1954 when he left the practice to take up a position in Wigan.’
From other things he says it is clearly a much treasured possession of the family. David has also found that there are (at least?)  27 Woodhouse paintings in galleries around the UK, several of which are in Lancashire,

The Woodhouse specialist Pam Corder-Birch (Accolade to an Artist) has seen this image and clearly approves of it. She had not seen it before.

A Woodhouse from World War 1 sold at Lewes in September 2017

We were approched for advice on this painting by Dan Bray of Gorringe’s Antique Auctions in Lewes, Sussex. The item was in an auction mid-September there and sold for 6400

The image and the auction details are reproduced from their website with their permission. The various flags in the picture appear to be Belgian, the French tricolor and the Star and Stripes. The small dog in the  bottom foreground is a typical Woodhouse touch. His signature is very bottom right and indistinct but contains some of the usual idiosyncracies
The soldiers look like a unit of the Royal Horse Artillery and may possibly have a gun in tow. For comparison see this photo.


Two watercolours featuring the shore at Heysham : March 2018

We have been sent photos of two small water colours measuring 25 by 35 cm including a narrow frame by Catherine Brown who is doing some research into William Woodhouse. The first is a possible candidate for a painting once exhibited at Kirkby Lonsdale (Cumbrian Fine Arts) entitled ‘The Shore at Heysham’. The seoond features a horse and cart which strongly resembles that in ‘The Mussel Gatherers’ in Lancaster Ciity Museum and featured on the main Woodhouse web page.