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The 1967 Millennium celebrations at St Peter’s.

The date 967 AD is when St Peter’s Church was licensed /consecrated as a place of Chiristian worship by the Archbishopric of York. So 1967 was an appropriate date to celebrate a millennium though the church would by then have been more than 1000 years old.  The  centrepiece of these celebrations was an open-air dramatic presentation entitled  Saints by the Shore. The Morecambe Guardian published a special supplement about the millennium celebrations and wrote:

‘Ghosts of the long-dead saints and sinners, who lived, fought and died at Heysham 1000 years ago will be depicted walking abroad again and reliving their pasts when an open-air dramatic presentation of their history is held in July.
The presentation 'Saints by the Shore' will,be the biggest event of its kind to be held in the north, rivalling even the most famous of the Mystery Plays of York and Furness. It will depict the history of the Christian Church in the area and will be performed under the headland on which stand the ruins of St Patrick's Chapel.’ (Click here for a fuller version of the article.)