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All the material on this page has been adapted  with minor additions, from information, text and images by Michael Pryce who grew up in Heysham and following a mercantile career retired to New Zealand.


The harbour Oil  Jetty was opened in 1941 to provide a deep water tanker berth outside the  harbour . It endeded outwards from the north wall for about 3000 feet Following the building of a land pipeline from Tranmere in the Wirral to Middleton oil refinery this jetty was little used after 1967 and was finally demolished in 1976.

For anyone living in the vicinty of the highest point of Smithy Lane with a view over Half Moon Bay it would dominate the western skyline. Possibly the greatest impact would have been felt by residents of Heysham Tower(s), the Officers training during WWIi and afterwards by the Towers holiday campers.

To the right is an aerial view of the jetty which shows its position relative to the harbour quite precisely.