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Pot House

Middleton Road Station

These are the 2015 Google Earth views over Middleton Road railway bridge (just before Heysham Golf Club) looking west (note Heysham 1 Power Station on the left) and east. In 1904  it was Middleton Lane and immediately below you in the east view you would have seen the platforms of Middleton Road (Lane) Station (or Halt).
The map below published in 1913 by the  Railway Clearing House shows the station at the bottom  left

Bridge eastview

© Google Earth

The Midland Railway Archive :  Derby

In response to an approach from HHA, Dave Harris, who has access to this archive, has sent us some maps dating from 1897. We also much appreciate the comments and new information from Reg Bond, also of Derby but his home town is Morecambe. The plan below left shows the land shaded pink which the Midland Railway acquired iin addition to the line of the railway itself partly for the Middleton Road (‘Lane’ on the map) Station and partly to construct a cutting through higher ground to the west of the bridge. (Ignore the line down the centre  - it is where the two pieces of the map join.).
The plan also shows what seems to be an encampment of huts on the site of the present Trumacar Infant and Community School. Was this to accommodate the navvies used employed in the construction of the railway line and the short lived Middleton Road Station?

To the right of the plan is a section of the Ordnance Survey 6 inch to the mile 1915 map with Middleton Lane  and bridge down the right hand side.  To the east of the bridge can be seen approaches to the station from either side of the bridge and short platforms aliongside the railway line. In the centre of the map the contours indicate how higher land necessitated a cutting for the railway. The higher ground can be seen in the left hand photograph   at the tiop of the page


Part of plan from Midland Railway Archive
The boxed comments and associated arrows are additions by Heysham Heritage.

The Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham Line was also used by the Midland Railway for one of their first experiments in electrification. As early as 1908 the line was electrified; the image below is one of the first units in use  If you are interested, a full account of the development line can be found in the history section of   this link. Our correspondent Reg Bond tells us this photograph  (right) was taken at Morecambe Promenade station.


© Ordnance Survey


© National Railway Museum and SSPL