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Local artists

In July 2015 we were given three pictures by a local artist  Madge Mander who lived in Heysham in the early 20th century. They were presented by her nephew Cornelius Maska.. These are held in the Heysham Archive.

This is the artist’s version of a well known early 20th century monochrome image of Main Street.

This is labelled ‘Lancaster Sands after Turner’. The original if you wish to see it is in the British Museum. Click here.

This is labelled ‘Torrisholme, Morecambe’ possibly in Torrisholme Square with the higher ground behind it Torrisholme Barrow.

An artist who has lived in Heysham since 1977 is  Patricia Haskey. Some of her paintings are available as greetings cards and sold in the Centre. This one is enttitled ‘Morning Light on Heysham’


Patricia has lived in Heysham since 1977 when she moved here to study fine art, graduating in 1980.

The distinctive landmarks of Morecambe, Heysham and Lancaster, and the ever-changing drama that plays out across Morecambe Bay and the surrounding countryside provide inspiration for her colourful and expressive paintings.

Patricia's work is represented in galleries in the North West of  England, in exhibitions across the Uk and is held in private collections worldwide
One of her Bay paintings: "Approaching Storm - Morecambe Bay" is now held in the UK's Parliamentary Art Collection which hangs in the House of Lords in London.

More information can be found on  her website:.

Shane Johnstone is a local artist based in Morecambe

In the late 1990s before the Centre opened the Heritage Association held two annual Turner festival weeks including an exhibition of local artists work in St Peter’s School Hall. Numerous other events included the wearing of Georgian dress and an actor portrying Turner himslelf. Shane worked with local children producing bannersw about Heysham history. One of these is currently hanging in the Cantre (right).

Shane’s well known sculpture Venus and Cupid has for many years been at Scalestones Point in Morecambe.

For further information see  Shane’s website.