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Higher Heysham : Heysham House


This is a modern photograph often found in  property advertisements .
The house is now called Penhale Court and is divided into flats. In the 19th century it was known as Heysham House and is at the opposite end of Middleton Road from the Old Hall.
David Flaxington in his History of Heysham, states it was built in 1810 by the Tatham family. Along with other ‘new’ buidlings in the 19th century there would have been previous buildings on the same site.


This small section of  the Yates 1786 map shows the village centre left and Middleton Road below it; Smithy Lane is there off Middleton Road going towards the sea. Stanley Farm (barely visible) is half way along. Middleton Road has a string of buildings down the sea side of the road.


Above is the list of Heysham residents thought worthy of mention (contributors to the publishing cost?) in the Baines 1825 Directory of Lancashire
Conveniently for our purpose those living in Higher Heysham are asterisked. No T J  Knowlys or T Rawsthorne - they had not yet arrived on the scene
Which if any of these asterisked persons is a member of the Tatham family whom we are told built Heysham House.?