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Friends of Heysham Heritage Centre - (formerly Heysham Heritage Association)

The Hogback stone

Friends of Heysham Heritage Centre (FHHC) is an independent organisation of people who care for Heysham. Started in 1990 with a dozen members, membership has since grown to more than 100. Early in 1996 a formal  Constitution was adopted in order that the Association could apply for grants and take part in Local Government partnerships.

The Heysham area and the village have a unique situation and history. The main aim of FHHC is to conserve and explain this heritage. To this end, we work together with other organisations such as the Heritage Trust for the North West (registered charity no. 508300) which seeks to find new appropriate uses for historic buildings and encourages good design and craftsmanship.

The social and cultural activities of HHA enable members to meet one another, to exchange views, acquire information, and to contribute to the community. Find out more about   joining Friends of Heysham Heritage Centre.    

Volunteers are always welcome to take part in the active work of FHHC, and to join our award-winning team assisting in the smooth running of the Heritage Centre. Please contact us at the Heritage Centre if you are interested in becoming a volunteer and are able to spare just a few hours each week. or contact   vol@heyshamheritage.org.uk.

From the outset the Association was enthused by local history and was fortunate to have among its members several competent historians. With the additional skills of a member competent in desk top publishing we have been able to publish a range of titles some of which are displayed here on sale at the Centre. The display stand also contains other titles, one an appreciation of the nationally known Heysham artist  William Woodhouse and another about the ships that have sailed for Heysham Harbour (the diary of a 20th century harbour master).

Full details of prices and availabiltiy are on  the Publications page.  

Old Heysham

 Contacts for HHA:

For membership: Graham Dean - memb@heyshamheritage.org.uk

For volunteering: Grace Walton - vol@heyshamheritage.org.uk

For general enquiries, historical questions and archives: Janet Rushton - enquire@heyshamheritage.org.uk

For publications and other sales: Lin Dean  - sales@heyshamheritage.org.uk