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Group photos of Heysham Organizations

From time to time Heysham residents donate old photographs of a variety of groups in the village mostly from the twentieth century.
If you have any further information about any of these photographs, personalities. places or activities associated with the group we would be pleased to receive and share it with oither visitors to this website. Thank you. .
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This one of Heysham Brass Band dates from about 1900-1920 and was donated by Mrs Mary Hill. In November 2016 our correspondent Jackie McCann has put  the date firmly at the lower end of this range as she has seen a postcard of it with a date stamp of September 1905 on it. Thank you Jackie..
All the menl have moustaches as do some of the
Heysham 1915 Committee which assisted the Rectory Auxiliary Hospital during WW1

The crowning of the Rose Queen (St Peter’s Sunday School) is an ongoing annual event. This Rose Queen dates from the middle of the 20th century. Where was it taken? Is that buildlng at the left rear identifiable (if still standing)?
It seems that, unlike May Queen or Queen of the May which is steeped in history, the Rose Queen is a twentieth century tradition.
One village in Derbyshire has traced its Rose Queen back to at least 1923. They further suggest that the tradition might have existed in the 19th century.

Heysham Cricket Club about 1950 was presented by Mr John Taylor. He was born in 1911 and lived to be a centenarian. The team appear to have won some trophy, as yet to be determined.
In the top right of the picture you can just see Heysham Tower (Morecambe Bay or Heysham Towers Holiday Camp)

The industrial revolution led to a new trade, that of a mechanic, skilful at the making and use of machines and as the ancient trade of stonemason led to the formation of guilds (‘friendly societies’) of stonemasons and eventually masonry, Heysham once had its own Free and Independent Mechanics Friendly Society. Here they are in 1937 immediately prior toi their annual dinner held in St Peter’s School.

The picture is courtesy of The Visitor and the caption reads:
Officials and members of Heysham Free and Independent Mechanics Friendly Society photographed outside the school where the Society was first formed 89 years ago. In the centre is the Rector ,Rev C C T Royds M A . Their faces are wreathed in smiles before the dinner.